• Cheap fryer: test

    Whether from Tevion, Moulinex or Tefal - there are cheap and expensive airfryer pork ribs. In the SAT.1 test: a model for 22 euros with two liters capacity. Idiot-proof symbols explain the ease of use. Before anything can be fried, wait 12 minutes for the fat to get hot. It is then fried for ten minutes. The air fryer beef jerky smokes quite nicely.

    Pommes machen – das können Sie in einer günstigen oder teuren Friteuse. Test...

    It takes 22 minutes until the chips are ready. When fat test is clearly visible that the cheap fryer gives off a lot of fat. When falling check the cheap model slips off the board quickly and runs out. Even in emergencies, the cheap airfryer vs dehydrator does not cut well, as it burns ablaze because of the many fat. Fryer test: failed.


    Expensive deep fryer in the test

    For comparison: The expensive bayou classic fryer basket costs 249 euros. In the beginning you just have to use the pan, which is a bit stuck. The expensive fryer does not need to be preheated and gets only a scoop of oil. The fries take only 30 minutes and circle through the hot oil mist. The expensive air fryer jerky does not give off so much fat to the fried foods. Since it requires little oil, it is safer even in a fall than the cheap. During the fire test, the flames in the apple crumble airfryer are low and can be extinguished by closing the lid. Clearly the test winner!

    By the way: losing weight with air fryer problems is not a myth. Dr. Pape reveals in the SAT.1 guidebook, what this is all about.

    Are low-fat fryers better?

    Stiftung Warentest has taken a special test and taken air fryer butternut squash who can do without fat. Here is cooked only with hot air. Plus point: Instead of 15, the finished chips contain only 5 percent fat - perfect if you are on a diet, but do not want to feed "100 Pro fat-free". The only drawback: The potato fissures are indeed nice brown, but not as crispy as in a conventional hot air convection oven. Test result: satisfactory. In addition, hot air models are quite expensive. With more than 200 euros you have to expect at least here. Whether the purchase is really worthwhile, everyone has to decide for themselves.


    Did you know: In German it actually means calphalon chicken fryer - but the French term with a "t" is naturalized here.

    Heißluft-Friteusen kommen ganz ohne Öl und Fett aus.

    You can learn more here

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