• What is the best electric fryer on the market at the price / quality ratio in 2017?

    You want to choose your char broil big easy infrared turkey fryer but you do not know where to give head as the models on the market are numerous? We are here to help you and we have selected for you three models of electric fryers presenting a very good quality / price ratio!

    Vous avez une envie de frites ? Vous trouverez avec quelle friteuse les cuisiner dans cet article !

    The choice of an electric fryer


    Many people love french fries and you will surely be part of it if you read this article. There are many fryers on the market. However, there is no "

    big easy oil less" ...


    It is important to choose your 

    big easy infrared turkey fryer according to the use that can be had. Indeed, the choice of an electric fryer depends primarily on the amount of people you must feast and the frequency of use in particular.


    It is best not to trust the price when choosing your tru infrared turkey fryer like any other product. It is necessary to choose the product in relation to its capabilities and qualities.


    If you choose your big easy char broil oil less turkey fryer over the price, you risk falling on a product that will not meet your needs. You will then eat fried dishes whose taste will not be up to your expectations. In addition to this lack of quality in terms of preparation, the longevity of your product is very likely not to last long!


    That's why we are going to give you the reference of the three best fryers on the market this year 2017 so you can eat delicious fries without spending too much money!


    We give you the criteria of choice according to your profile and you just have to find your happiness without trusting the price since we are in charge of selecting for you the best products in the field of electric fryer. To know the 

    turkey fryer char broil, it is essential to know its needs and the use that we will make. When you have determined your profile you will be able to choose the 

    big easy infrared fryer made for you! For this, we took into account various criteria such as overall performance, proportions, maintenance and of course prices.

    The best electric fryer for a family with children


    Kids love french fries, it's well known. As parents, you are surely tempted to treat them to delicious tasty fries or other fried dishes.


    However, you do not want to spend astronomical sums. We have selected for you the best fryer for a family with children.


    For a couple with children, it is important to choose the 

    best fryer for wings capable of containing a large volume of food so as not to multiply the services. And yes, it is important to eat together when you are with your family.



    In addition, it is necessary to be able to cook quickly because the time is a precious good when one is parents. So to be able to prepare your sweet or savory donuts or obviously the traditional 

    fryer screens, it is important to count on a very powerful model and able to prepare a large amount of fries. Finally, your fryer will have to be cleaned and stored with ease!

    We have selected the SEB Filtra Pro Design model for you.

    Friteuse électrique SEB

    SEB is one of the leading brands in the small appliance market. This is a semi-professional model that is ideal for family use. Indeed, it has a capacity of 4 L that can cook 1.3 kg of french fries. What to cook in a single tour all the fries of the family.


    The price is very accessible since the product costs less than 70 € and in addition the quality is there. It is possible to manage the cooking of its fries with precision thanks to an adjustable thermostat and a power of 2300 Watts. Finally, the 

    deep fryer with removable oil pan is equipped with a filter screen and odor-free operation.


    This allows you to enjoy an always clean oil and therefore fries always good, delicious and crispy! It is even possible to pass the various utensils in the dishwasher. Its weight remains adequate as its dimensions. Parents can easily put the 

    air fryer smell in the kitchen. An ideal kitchen tool for families. *


    A secure lid ensures the safety of the smallest because it is blocked and prevents any projection of oil or ensures that it can not be opened by children.


    The ideal electric fryer for a couple


    When you live as a couple, it can be particularly nice to offer yourself a small dish of fries or to fry donuts or other dishes from time to time. Finally, an 

    oil less deep fat fryer can quickly become essential in a kitchen since the possibilities it offers are numerous.


    A couple must choose a 

    no oil turkey fryer reviews whose use will be moderate. Indeed, except if you are very greedy, you will need a model for a weekly use preferably. In addition, the volume of your electric fryer will have to be relatively small. However, if you plan to invite family or friends, you will be able to make your fries for everyone and quickly.



    We have selected for you the Seb Actifry Oil Spoon fryer.


    Friteuse actifry cuillère d'huile SEB 

    Why this choice ? Simply for its practicality. Indeed, a couple is looking for a simple tool for use, maintenance and storage. This reference meets all these needs.


    Its use is very simple since it is enough to put a spoon of oil to begin the preparation of french fries. Plus, this will not let you eat too much fat, great news for your line. With 1 spoon of oil, you can cook 1kg of fries. At the end of the use, you do not need to throw the oil as with other 

    infrared fryer reviews with cooking tray.


    No need for special monitoring as for a 

    electric turkey fryer vs propane since this machine uses Actifry technology. It is a process that circulates hot air and stirs food. The emission of frying odors is limited thanks to its pulsed air process.


    This model allows you to prepare two dishes at once like fries and chicken!



    Its design is particularly elegant and modern. The cleaning is easy: no oil to manage at the end of cooking, a sponge stroke is enough. You can also put it in the dishwasher. Its dimensions will allow you to store it easily in an apartment for example. An ideal product for a couple who eats fries occasionally.

    The electric fryer best for occasional use


    Occasional fryer use may be effective for a single person, for a retiree, or for any household that does not have a substantial need for an electric fryer.


    To choose a 

    greaseless turkey fryer recipes that is not used often, it is important to opt for a model whose cleaning is simple or automatic. You must also choose a fryer that is easy to store so as not to clutter your place of life unnecessarily. And this is even better if the fries are good and the fryer is not expensive!


    We selected for you the Moulinex Uno M.


    The model Moulinex AF 133D Fryer Uno M is ideal for people who do not use their electric fryer regularly.


    This model is particularly practical since it is very versatile. Indeed, it allows to cook up to 1KG fries with specific programs allowing you to choose the cooking of fries. Its dimensions and low weight ensure easy storage.


    It also has a security system that allows you to avoid getting burned by avoiding oil splashes. Moreover, this model requires very little oil for its use.



    frying turkey in oil less fryer has an automatic cleaning program which ensures you do not complicate your life when you need to clean it.

    The best fryers on the market in 2017


    You now know which electric fryer to choose. You have seen that the selection of a model must be done according to the uses that one can have. There may be the best electric fryer on the market but it will have to be adapted to your use. These models are among 

    cooking a turkey in an oil less fryer on the market. You will be able to benefit from their performances and this at an attractive price.


    Be aware that these models are manufactured by recognized brands in the home appliance market. You can be sure to enjoy robust and reliable products that will allow you to cook delicious French fries.


    The market for the 

    best price philips airfryer knows little change and the models that we have presented to you are references in this year 2017.

    You can learn more here

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